Second Telling Missions

Electronic Escape Room Puzzles

I worked together with Second Telling Missions to design and develop the electronic puzzles for their two escape rooms 'Rescue the White Rose' and 'Sabotage the Enigma' which were open from April 2017 to March 2019 at The White Rose Cafe, 397 King Street, Newtown


I worked closely with Patrick Lavery from Second Telling Missions to create the various electronic puzzles for both of the escape rooms. In total, I developed 5 puzzles for 'Rescue the White Rose' and 8 puzzles for 'Sabotage the Enigma'. The puzzle designs vary - using dials, switches, buttons, puzzle pieces, plugs, sensors, audio and lights to either give a solution to another puzzle or to open an electronic lock. I also designed laser cut acrylic mounting boards for several of the puzzles. Finally, I worked with Edin Merdjanic from Merdjanic Design to install the electronic puzzles, integrating them with the furniture in the rooms. The puzzles were completed in a timeframe of about 4 months; from specification, to design, to implementation.  


The games received some fantastic reviews on TripAdvisor, with the escape game rooms at the White Rose Cafe being ranked highly in the list of Things to Do in Newtown on TripAdvisor.


The rooms have been reviewed online by:


Unfortunately, I can't provide too much detail about my work without giving too much away...  


The owners, Patrick and Paulina, are currently taking a break and have moved out of the White Rose Cafe, Newtown, while they develop a new experience. So watch this space for any updates on what will come next!

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