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About Me

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Hello World! 


I'm Lili Bykerk, I'm a Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineer with a PhD in Robotics.


From a young age, I've been fascinated with design and how individual parts can work together to form a mechanical or electrical device. During my undergraduate degree in Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering I became increasingly curious about electronic and mechatronic design which led me to start working on hobby electronics and programming projects in my spare time. I'm passionate about making interesting and practical things for everyday use and I've worked on many hobby projects that serve a particular purpose in my home. I'm always thinking about new project ideas, with my current hobby focus being towards the development of a home automation system using Home Assistant.


My passion for engineering ultimately brought me to pursue a PhD in robotics. I submitted my thesis in March 2019 and graduated in 2020 from the University of Technology Sydney. My research was in the area of soft robotic manipulation and object identification methods. During my time as a PhD candidate, I tutored and managed the subject content for undergraduate students in the third/fourth year subject Dynamics and Control.


I'm also a sole trader and have worked on various professional projects involving electronics, mechanical and mechatronic design as well as programming. I'm currently working as a researcher at the University of Technology Sydney.


Aside from engineering, I am extremely passionate about soccer, hiking and running at my local parkrun events. I'm a proud grower of various herbs and chillies in my garden at home and I also love to travel and explore this wonderful world that we live in!


Hiking to Hirschberg in Tegernsee, Germany, 2018.


Hiking to The Plain of The 6 Glaciers, Lake Louise, Canada, 2016.


Saturday morning parkrun at St. Peters and Kamay.


From buds (4th December 2018) to chillies (28th January 2019).

Asian Siam Yellow Chillies.

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