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Waverley Council Creative Lighting 2017

Heart of Bondi

Throughout mid-late 2017, I worked together with amigo & amigo on their installation 'Heart of Bondi' which was installed in the Oxford Street Mall at Bondi Junction early in December 2017. The installation was live for approximately a 12 month period and is one of two Creative Lighting pilots being installed over the summer in Bondi Junction under Waverley Council.   


I worked with Simone from amigo & amigo to understand the requirements of the art installation so I could design and create the various system circuits. I worked on the design of the overall system circuitry and communications which involved:

  • Designing the PCBs for controlling the main lighting system using DMX protocol.

  • Designing the heart rate system circuitry for extracting an individual's heart rate in beats per minute (BPM) - measured at the hands.

  • Design of the audio system.

  • Programming the heart rate system and isolated communications between the interaction point lighting and the main lighting.

  • Programming the interaction point lighting (not implemented in the final installation).



















All of this was completed in a time frame of about 5 months; from specification, to design, to implementation.  


The end result can be seen in the YouTube video above and the public Instagram photos under #heartofbondi and #lovecloud. An article from Waverley Council about the pilot project and the creative lighting proposal can be found here. Other articles include illumni.

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