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Lunar New Year Festival 2019

Canberra Centre

Flying Pigs


In January and February of 2019, I worked together with amigo & amigo on their installation 'Flying Pigs' which was installed in the Canberra Centre early in February 2019. The installation will be live for the month of February during the Lunar New Year Festivities.   


I worked with Mauricio from amigo & amigo to understand the requirements of the art installation so I could design and create the system circuitry. The brief was to design a system that would be capable of detecting an individual's touch at an interaction unit (pig snout) and switch on/off 8 AC fans. 


I worked on the design of the overall system circuitry and interactivity which involved:

  • Designing and assembling the circuitry in a self-contained enclosure for reading a capacitive touch input from an individual and mapping the reading to an output (switching on/off 8 AC fans).

  • Programming the system, incorporating timers to ensure the desired fan effects were achieved.



















All of this was completed in a time frame of about 3 weeks; from specification, to design, to implementation.  


The end result can be seen in the brief YouTube videos below.

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