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Vivid 2017

The Birds of Lumos

For Vivid 2017, I worked together with amigo & amigo on their installation 'The Birds of Lumos' which was located in the Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney for the 3-week duration of Vivid. 


I programmed the addressable LED strips in both the small and large kiwi birds to create the various light animations.


I worked with Renzo from amigo & amigo to create the animations and lighting effects for the kiwi birds. I provided advice and recommendations on the wiring of the large number of LED strips used in each of the birds from both a power and data point of view. All of this was completed in a time frame of about 2 months; from specification, to design, to implementation.  


The end result can be seen in the YouTube video above and the public Instagram photos under #birdsoflumos. Many other public photos and videos can be found by searching #vividsydney and #vividsydney2017.

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